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Watch and read about other young people’s experiences to find out how they were affected by crime, the challenges they faced and the help they received. Remember, everybody is different and there are lots of different ways you can get help to cope with the effects of crime.

Maryam’s experience

Maryam, 13, experienced Islamophobia and anti-Muslim hate crime. Find out her story.

I needed help after an assault

It can be extremely frightening to be a victim of assault and you may feel powerless to do anything about it.

Watch the film clip to see how Paul:

  • felt confused and ashamed he had been affected so badly
  • struggled to talk about what had happened
I needed help with relationship abuse

It can be difficult to realise you are in an abusive relationship and take the steps to get help.

Watch Hannah's story to see how she:

  • felt intimidated and afraid of her boyfriend
  • was scared to leave the situation


Young people's experiences of crime video

Watch how young people were affected by crime and the challenges they faced. All young people are played by actors.

Crime info video

Different crimes affect your people in different ways. Watch how crime has affected three young people.

Support and next steps video

Lots of young people are affected by crime. Watch how You & Co can support young people cope after they’ve been affected by crime.

Coping with crime video

Crime can affect people in different ways. Watch how four young people have dealt with the impact of crime.

Going to court video

Some young people have to go to court to give evidence as a witness. Watch how some young people have been supported through the court process by You & Co.

Ash's experience

Ash's friend Dean, 17, was a victim of a violent assault when he was attacked in the street by two boys from college, leaving him with facial injuries and two broken ribs.

Watch the clip to see how Ash:

  • Is affected by what happens to Dean
  • Tries to help Dean recover from what happened
Daniel's experience

Daniel, 14, witnessed a fight break out between a 17 year old boy from his estate and two others who he recognised.

Watch the clip to see how Daniel copes with:

  • Not wanting to report the crime to the police
  • Not wanting to go to court
Chloe's experience

Chloe, 13, was groomed online and sexually exploited by a man who was pretending to be somebody else.

Watch the clip to see how Chloe copes with:

  • Losing trust in her mum
  • Finding out the person she thought was her boyfriend is actually exploiting her
  • Having to give evidence in court
Sara's experience

Sara, 13, was out with her mum when her house was burgled. Money, jewellery and electronic equipment were all stolen.

Watch the clip to see how Sara copes with:

  • Losing her confidence after crime
  • Getting back into school
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